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Overview Bravo Kids

Bravo Kids is an “International” Pre-school rooted in Indian “values”. It aims to provide education with global standards.

A very warm welcome to you and your child. We hope your child will be happy with us at Bravo Kids; we aim to provide our Bravos friendly and stimulating environment where children feel secure and are able to develop to their full potentials.

The well recognizes developing brand imparting quality education. At Bravo Kids, our beautiful and modern facilities provide each child, the ability to learn and grow physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally with Smart education.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform children into responsible citizens, global leaders and lifelong learners who are ready to take on the challenges of 21st century with utmost ease and confidence.

Bravo kids is committed to provide global and word class teaching and learning experiences, where we not only educate them but also foster and inculcate values and confidence in our children. We are a team who believes that every child is different, unique and so are their needs.

We, at Bravo kids, have integrated technology with teaching and learning to facilitate better understanding of various concepts. Taking the idea of integration further, we have introduced DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple intelligence test). It has proved to be an excellent tool in revealing intelligence out of inborn talents, skills, abilities and such an early information helps the educators to customize the learning program based on child's learning style and approach.

Our Mission

  • At Bravo Kids, we endeavour to sustain a happy, stable, safe and orderly environment in which children are educated and developed to their full potential.
  • We equip our Kids with the basic tools for learning, i.e. literacy, numeracy and oracy, in accordance with the National Curriculum India, offering a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • We provide students with first hand experiences in order to make the work stimulating and meaningful. This will encourage a positive and enthusiastic approach to work.
  • We aim to develop independence, co-operation and self motivation in our students.
  • We endeavour to foster good relationships between school, home and the community.
  • As we believe that children learn best in an environment free from prejudice, we actively encourage respect for and understanding of all cultures and faiths within the school and wider community.
  • We aim to offer equality of opportunity for all students.